How To Protect Your Teeth and Gums During Orthodontic Treatment

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It’s important to maintain excellent oral hygiene if you have braces or other types of orthodontic aligners. This helps protect your teeth and gums from infections while your teeth are being straightened. Avoid dental issues such as cavities, tooth discoloration, or tartar buildup by taking good care of your oral health during orthodontic treatment.

Initially, braces can cause discomfort to your tongue, cheeks, and other areas as your mouth adjusts to the metal. The wires may rub against soft tissues, which can be unpleasant or even painful. Fortunately, dental wax offers much-needed relief by forming a protective barrier between metal edges and oral tissues, facilitating healing.

What’s in Dental Wax?

This dental wax is crafted from natural substances and occasionally includes extra elements such as mint to enhance its flavor. Various kinds of dental wax typically include the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax
  • Carnauba wax (Brazil wax and palm wax)
  • Microcrystalline or paraffin wax

Dental wax starts as a solid at room temperature and becomes softer when warmed by your hands for shaping. Smooth it over the areas of your braces that touch or irritate your mouth. Before applying the wax, ensure your hands are clean and brush your teeth. Take a small piece of wax, soften it by squeezing it, then mold it into a ball. Flatten the ball slightly and gently apply it to the parts of your braces that cause discomfort.

You can leave the wax on overnight and replace it every few days as required. It’s okay to eat and drink while wearing the wax, but if food sticks to it or it feels dirty, swap it out. Take out the wax to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, and use an interdental cleaner for a complete clean. Finish with mouthwash to give your enamel extra protection.

Protect Your Teeth With Custom Mouth Guards

As spring arrives, outdoor activities such as contact sports and recreation become popular. Whether you’re into soccer, baseball, or skateboarding, it’s important to safeguard your teeth and gums while undergoing teeth straightening. Avoiding sports-related mouth injuries during your treatment is crucial!

To prevent damage to your teeth and avoid injuries to your lips, tongue, and cheek lining, mouth guards offer protection. These protective devices absorb impacts and reduce the risk of harm. A personalized mouthguard can typically be crafted and ready within three to four weeks. When you’re investing in orthodontic treatment, consider adding the security of a custom mouthguard tailored to fit your teeth perfectly. This ensures a comfortable fit that stays in place during recreational activities.

Protect Braces From Bad Habits

For brace wearers, it’s vital to shield the metal components from damaging habits like nail-biting, tongue thrusting, chronic pencil chewing, and nervously picking at wires. Damaging your orthodontic hardware can lead to additional appointments and prolonged treatment time. Protect your smile and contact your orthodontist if your braces are damaged.

Make sure you attend your dental cleanings and check-ups regularly, especially if you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners. These visits allow your dentist to remove tartar buildup, ensuring your smile stays healthy. If you want to find out more or book an appointment with our orthodontist, feel free to give us a call today!