Team Approach

Moving teeth and creating smiles is what we do, but achieving optimal overall dental health is our common goal with your dentist. This is best achieved through teamwork and communication, which is why we coordinate, or “quarterback,” the specifics of your treatment with your general dentist and any specialists that may need to be involved with your care. We take the time to communicate our goals for your smile and dental health as well as what their role will be in achieving those goals. This includes routine check-ups and cleanings, restorative treatment before orthodontics, or follow-up care after orthodontics that may include whitening, crowns, esthetic restorations, and replacement of missing teeth.

Dr. Helm prides himself on going above and beyond when it comes to communication with your other dental professionals because he values their input and believes they play a vital role in achieving the best possible result for you. This is a unique philosophy and approach to providing orthodontic care.