Kids Orthodontist in Denver, Colorado

The American Association of Orthodontists as well as Dr. Helm recommend your child has an orthodontic evaluation at age 7, but that doesn’t mean that every 7 year old needs orthodontic treatment! Dr. Helm has created the Helm Ortho Kids Club especially for patients who are not ready for orthodontic treatment yet.

The Helm Ortho Kids Club is a fun and interactive way to start teaching your child that braces can be a fun and exciting process to look forward to. Just as important, Dr. Helm can keep you informed about your child’s progress with permanent tooth eruption and jaw growth, so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are providing your child with properly timed orthodontic care.

Benefits of Helm Ortho Kids Club program include:

  • Peace of mind knowing you are staying informed about your child
  • Growth and eruption checkups every 6-12 months—Dr. Helm believes information should be free so we never charge for these visits!
  • Oral hygiene coaching now to develop the brushing and flossing skills that your child will need later for excellent orthodontic treatment results.
  • Each appointment attended on time earns you Smile Bucks that you can use towards your child’s (or any immediate family member’s) orthodontic treatment.
  • Guidance from our expert team on making properly timed insurance and Flex Spending Account decisions.

The Helm Ortho Kids Club is an awesome program that Dr. Helm has developed to give parents in Green Valley Ranch, Denver, Aurora and the Eastern plains peace of mind when it comes to their child’s smile! If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment call 303.371.0371. We can’t wait to hear from you!