Dr. Helm can help keep your treatment on track virtually! Just follow the 3 steps below.



Step 1: Take Photos of Your Teeth

  • Take 6 pictures of your teeth as close as you can to the angles seen below
  • Don’t worry, just do your best! Check out the 2 minute video below for help
  • Invisalign & Retainer patients: wear your aligners or retainers for Center Open photo
Upper Arch of Mouth
Upper Arch
Center Open
Center Open
(with aligners/retainers)
Lower Arch of Mouth
Lower Arch
right bite of Mouth
Right Bite
 Center bite of Mouth
Center Bite
Left bite of Mouth
Left Bite


  • Use 2 plastic spoons to retract your cheeks and lips
  • Be sure to bite normally on your back teeth!



Step 2: Send Us Your Photos

  • Send us your photos 48 hours prior to your virtual appointment
  • Please include in your text or email:
  1. First and last name
  2. Date of your virtual appointment (if known)
  3. Any questions/concerns about your treatment
  4. Invisalign patients: which aligner are you currently wearing



Step 3: Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

If you already have an appointment reservation with Dr. Helm, you’re finished!

If you do not have an appointment, one of our team members will contact you shortly to set one up.

*You will receive an appointment confirmation prior to your appointment that includes instructions on entering our virtual office waiting room.

When email or text is used to communicate with our practice, the information is not encrypted. That means it could be possible for a third party to access the information and read it. By using email or text communication, you are consenting to the use of these non-encrypted forms of communication to transmit personal or health information.