Boost Your Teen’s Confidence This Summer With Braces

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Summer is almost here, bringing the start of enjoyable recreational activities and a more relaxed pace. For teenagers today, getting braces is a common experience. The ultimate outcome? They’ll proudly show off a straightened smile! A smile is often one of the first things people notice, and having a healthy smile demonstrates that we care about our appearance and exude confidence. This summer, why not use the extra free time to begin aligning your teen’s smile?

While wearing braces might feel overwhelming initially, summer offers an ideal opportunity for our orthodontic team to assist your teen in navigating this process smoothly. The first step involves our orthodontist examining their teeth and bites to assess the necessary corrections. Treatment duration varies, and in some cases, additional measures may be required to ensure proper alignment with orthodontic appliances. We possess the tools, insights, and expertise needed to ensure their treatment is as comfortable as possible, yielding beautiful results.

– Breaking in braces: It takes time for your teen to get used to their orthodontic gear, so they can eat and speak comfortably again. During the summer, they don’t have to worry about schoolwork, peer pressure, or their usual activities. This gives them the freedom to adjust to their new oral care habits. By the time school starts again, they’ll feel more at ease with their orthodontic routine.

– Ease of appointments: Your teen can begin wearing braces without worrying about missing classes or other school-year responsibilities. As they adjust to the appliance during the summer, their orthodontic appointments gradually decrease. Summer is ideal for getting braces because orthodontists are typically less busy compared to the school year, benefiting both parties in terms of time.

– Cleaning made easy: Wearing braces requires adjusting their oral care routine. Your teenager will understand how to maintain their teeth, gums, and braces to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The summer break provides a more relaxed schedule for them to develop these habits and adapt to their new routine before the school year starts again.

Our experienced team is prepared to ensure your teenager has a positive orthodontic journey from beginning to end. Contact us now to arrange a consultation and prepare to enhance their confidence for a successful school year!