Summer Is Almost Here, and Now Is the Time To Get Your Braces and Straighten Your Teeth!

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As summer approaches, it’s an ideal time to consider aligning your teeth and starting an orthodontic treatment plan! Choosing aligners or braces during these serene months can offer substantial advantages for orthodontic care.

The summer season offers an ideal period for youngsters and teenagers to adjust to braces in a more relaxed atmosphere. Routine visits integrate seamlessly into these laid-back months to adjust and tighten braces. By autumn, they will have navigated this new experience. This timing simplifies the process for both the individual and their guardians. This timing also makes the process easier for you.

Why Summer?

If you are considering wearing braces during this relaxed time of year, think about the valuable benefits of getting braces in the summer:

  • A more relaxed schedule: The downtime of summer allows for adjusting to braces without the pressures of busier seasons. Vacations or staycations can complement this period, providing ample opportunity for routine orthodontic adjustments with minimal stress.
  • Adjust to your new normal: Ease into the experience of wearing wires and brackets. Getting used to something new in your mouth all day takes time, and it feels less stressful when you are not so busy. With traditional metal or ceramic braces, you need to adjust the brackets and wires in your mouth and learn how to keep them clean from trapped food particles that feed oral bacteria. You do not want cavities to appear when your braces come off!
  • Dietary changes: Initiating orthodontic treatment necessitates adapting to new dietary restrictions. Avoiding chewy, crunchy, and hard foods becomes imperative. Summer’s bounty of soft, seasonal fruits like melons, berries, bananas, grapes, mangos, and peaches offers a delicious alternative. Regular brushing and flossing remain essential to remove food particles.

Why Wait? Start Now!

Initial orthodontic treatment in the summer for yourself, your teen, or your kids is an ideal time to allow for a stress-free pace. Your kids will not need to miss classes for schedules, and you will not have to navigate fall traffic during the early stages.

Summer offers an ideal period to adapt to your new dental hygiene routine with reduced stress. This season allows you to become accustomed to brushing around braces. It’s an opportune time to employ a powered toothbrush and a water flosser to effectively remove food particles from around your braces. The same applies to your child or teenager, giving them a chance to settle into their new dental care habits without the pressure of early morning school routines. When the braces are finally removed, the teeth and gums must remain as healthy as they were before the orthodontic treatment commenced.

Call for Consultation

Whether for yourself or a child who requires braces to straighten teeth, align a crooked bite, and stop upcoming dental problems such as tooth decay, tooth loss, or gum disease, it’s never too early (or too late) to have our orthodontist examine your smile. We provide consultations to assess smiles and suggest transformative orthodontic treatment, so contact us today!