Head Back to School With the Right Tools!

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It’s that time again when your kids are going back to school with their brand-new backpacks, notebooks, and pencils! If they wear braces, they’ll need a few extra things in their backpacks and lockers. Our team aims to ensure your children have everything they need for a healthy, strong smile, even when they’re away from home.

Orthodontic Tools

Here are some essential tools for cleaning and protecting your child’s braces that they’ll find useful to have on hand:

– Individual case: This is for keeping orthodontic tools clean and separate from other items in their backpack or locker.
– Toothbrush: Buy an additional one to lessen concerns about misplacing the one at home.
– Toothpaste: opt for a compact tube in case their backpack becomes compressed.
– Floss: This is essential for removing debris lodged between teeth and gums.
– Flossing threads: Managing a full set of metal braces can pose challenges when accessing spaces between wires and teeth. This apparatus facilitates flossing under braces and between teeth, ensuring gum cleanliness.
– Interdental cleaning brush: With metal braces, food particles often accumulate beneath wires and bracket corners, so this tool meticulously cleans these intricate areas to eliminate debris.
– Extra elastic or rubber bands: These aid in adjusting the bite alignment. Maintain extras on hand for replacing soiled or broken bands promptly.
– Rubber band hook: This supports attaching rubber bands to braces.
– Wax: If your kid has braces and their gums or oral tissues are at risk from sharp edges, broken wires, or brackets, applying wax can protect those areas. It can also help in preventing severe mouth sores.
– Mouthwash: As an additional defense against bacteria, here’s a fast method to eliminate bacteria while your child is at school. We suggest using a small travel bottle.
– Chapstick: Sometimes, newly applied braces or fresh elastics might lead to lips becoming chapped or irritated.
– Pain relievers:  can be used if your child experiences soreness in their teeth and gums to ease any discomfort.
– Orthodontist information: Keep our orthodontist’s contact information accessible for emergencies requiring immediate care.
– Pocket mirror:  A pocket mirror can be useful for cleaning out food particles and placing rubber bands as needed.
– Mouthguard: It is highly recommended if your child participates in sports or physically demanding activities. It serves as protection against oral injuries from impacts and cuts.

By keeping these items readily available, you can assist your child in having a positive orthodontic experience as they return to school. Other helpful tips for children with braces include consuming soft foods, steering clear of sticky and sugary hard foods, maintaining daily brushing and flossing habits, and scheduling regular visits with our team.

Give us a call today if you need advice on what items to pack in your child’s backpack and how they can take additional precautions in their orthodontic care. We’re here and ready to assist!